Thank you for taking the time to consider Mobility 1st Ltd. as your preferred CPAP provider.


We seek to make the client experience of PAP therapy as comfortable and seamless as possible. Our trianed staff will work with the client to choose the best PAP match for you.

We offer CPAP/BiPAP and APAP as per ADP guidelines, and are registered with the Assistive Devices Program as an approved vendor. We offer a full range of masks(pillows, nasal masks, full face) from several manufacturers to meet your requirements, and offer a 30 day mask fit guarantee to assist with your sleep therapy compliance.

Mobility 1st also offers a loaner/rental program to maintain continuity of treatment should the need arise.

We welcome the opportunity to work with the sleep lab to tailor your 30 day trial to meet your sleep needs. Mobility 1st is eager to keep our clients actively involved in their treatment to attain their goal.

We pride ourselves on follow up and continuous customer service. With that being said, Deb, R.R.T. has implemented the following procedures for the best possible care:

  1. She Will contact the client within 48 hrs of starting treatment to discuss and resolve any issues which may arise.
  2. Mobility 1st will then follow up at 7 days.
  3. Mobility 1st will follow up at 15 days.
  4. Then, at the 30 day mark, Deb will schedule a final appointment, communicate the sleep results to the sleep lab, finalize paperwork and offer the opportunity to provide feedback/suggestions to make our process even better.

Mobility 1st welcomes client inquiries regardless of where in the treatment process you are.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any information or to schedule a free no obligation consultation.

We look forward to serving you!


Deb, R.R.T.

Sleep Therapy Consultant

Tel: 519-204-0109 ext. 34