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“Outstanding service, a company in our city that does step up & put their customer’s needs first.” Ellen P – London, Ontario (Read the full letter sent to the Better Business Bureau)

“Thank-you!” THANK YOU VIDEO

Ken R – London, Ontario

“I love it! When my neighbours saw that I pulled it out of the trunk of my car they came over to check it out. They said they are getting rid of their big bulky one and getting one like mine.”

Maureen D. – Bradford, Ontario

“I liked the little one I bought from you, but I LOVE this one!”

Margaret G. – Kitchener, Ontario

“I’ve been on it everyday!”

Wayne M. – Sudbury, Ontario

“I forgot the charger when we went camping for a week and I was able to drive it every day. The battery lasted the whole time!”

Carmen M. – Glencairn, Ontario

“It’s great! Wish I’d gotten it sooner!”

Charlotte R. – Ingersoll, Ontario

“I’m in 7th Heaven!”

Harry S. – Innisfil, Ontario

“My father loves it, he is very excited to have it. Thank you.”

Kelly B. – Ingersoll, Ontario

“I’m very lucky. I love my scooter. I use it every day!”

William A. – Windsor , Ontario

“I am finally able to get around and enjoy the festivals at the park.”

John M. – Barrie, Ontario

“I love it, it’s fast! I give out a lot of your business cards.”

Kevin B. – Toronto , Ontario

“My scooter has been very reliable, and I’ve never had concerns about going somewhere with it and it letting me down. I feel very safe using it. Even though we store it in an unheated garage, we’ve never had a problem with the battery.”

Norm S. – Thorndale, Ontario

“I give it 100%. I thoroughly enjoy it and give nothing but praise for it.”

Barb R. – Ingersoll, Ontario

“It’s really nice for my husband. He now has so much more freedom.”

Gloria H. – Exeter, Ontario

“I am very pleased with my new electric scooter. I certainly will be telling people about where I purchased it.”

Patrick H. – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

“It’s a beautiful little machine.” “I am thrilled with my new scooter – she’s gorgeous”

Joanna W. – Ottawa, Ontario

“It’s a great scooter, I love it, especially when you are traveling.” “I’ll probably be back for the bigger one in the spring too.”

Bob T. – Hamilton, Ontario

“Scooter and stroller are wonderful. I took it to the park with the dog and opened it right up!”

Janet S. – Exeter, Ontario

“Very pleased with the product & service.”

Albert W. – Lucknow, Ontario

“We love it! Now he has his freedom back.”

William M. – Midland, Ontario