5 Tips on Choosing a Manual Wheelchair

Manual Wheelchair

Choosing a manual wheelchair depends on various factor like body type, fitness level, and your mobility impairment. Below are the list of 5 tips on choosing a manual wheelchair. Your Mobility This is your ability to move around. It includes walking, sitting down and standing up and adjusting or moving your body within the chair. […]

How to Choose a Lift Chair

Lift Chairs

Manufacturers have designed and created lift chairs in a variety of styles, colors, and designs. If you or someone you know has difficulty standing, a lift chair will make their life easier and more comfortable. You are encouraged to consider the following when choosing a lift chair for your home. Sizes The size of your […]

5 Tips on Choosing a Walker

Deluxe Trigger Release Folding Walker with 5 inch Wheels

Choosing a walker can be difficult and time consuming process. The type of walker you choose will depend on your needs. Here is our top 5 tips on choosing the right walker for you Type of Walker A standard walker with no wheels will offer the most support and stability. It should mainly be used […]

5 Tips on Choosing a Rollator

5 Tips on Choosing a Rollator

Choosing a Rollator can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Our 5 tips guide will help you find the right rollator for you. Every purchase starts with research. It is important to ask yourself questions like: Where will you primarily be using the rollator? Three wheels or Four wheels? How much support do you need […]

10 Popular Products of Mobility1st

10 Popular products of mobility1st

Lift Chairs Our lift chairs come in different colors and materials. All our lift chairs include side pockets, head covers and arm covers. They also come with an industry leading warranty. The lift chair allows an individual to be quietly and safely lowered into sitting or laying position and back up to stand again, with […]

5 Benefits of Buying a Softub


Below are the list of 5 benefits of buying a Softub Comfort A softub is equivalent to sitting in a pool of bubble-filled water in one giant air-filled bubble. Softub has a more flexible lining that makes the whole experience much more like a massage by removing any hard edges. Flexbility If you consider a […]