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To achieve the optimal benefits of your PAP therapy, you'll need a proper fitting mask that will give you a reliable seal with ease and comfort. Your CPAP Store carries 4 styles of masks:

  • Full face masks (covers your mouth and nose)
  • Nasal masks (covers your nose)
  • Nasal pillows (sit inside your nostrils)
  • Oral masks (covers your mouth)

With so many different mask styles, shapes, and sizes, choosing the mask that works best for you can be a little daunting at first as there's no "miracle mask" that is best for all patients. What it all really boils down to is finding a mask that suits your own individual shape, sleep habits, and comfort levels.

Be sure to check the sizing template for your mask choice to increase the chance of an optimal mask fit and to avoid the inconveniences associated with returns.

If you need assistance finding the right product for your needs, preferences, and budget feel free to email us at or give us a toll-free call at 1-866-235-7996.



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