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Canes and Crutches

We carry a variety of colours and styles of walking aids such as single and quad canes, cane seats to standard and forearm crutches. All models provide varying degrees of balance and support while walking or standing.

Our suppliers such as Drive Medical, AMG, and Sunburst Medical offer products to suit your needs, with options like lightweight, foldable, easy to carry and use, to something with a more sturdy support. Canes come with rounded, orthopedic, or plastic handles, with foam, gel or wood grips. Most canes while being adjustable and set to your appropriate height can also provide you with support in style and gives you the stability and mobility that you need.

Crutches are usually required when a person cannot apply full pressure on a foot, leg or hip. Crutches are adjustable and provides extra support when trying to walk. When using crutches, it is important to let your weight be supported by your arms and hands. Do not let your weight be supported by your underarms. This could hurt the nerves that are in your underarms. Your elbow should be bent when the crutch is in place under your arm, and the end of it is set on the floor. A properly fitted crutch will let you place two fingers between the top of the crutch and your armpit.

Canes and Crutches


Canes and Crutches

Quad Canes, Large Base


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