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Pressure Relief and Mattress Systems

We sell a variety of pressure relief, prevention and therapy products that offer the best quality at an affordable discount price. Maple Leaf Wheelchairs and Drive Medical manufacture seating, hospital bed mattresses, mattress overlays and mattress replacement systems for long term seating or bed needs to prevent and/or treat pressure ulcers. 

The comfort and style of foam seat cushions help alleviate the pressure from long term seating. The Maple Leaf seat cushions offer additional pressure prevention using air cells. “Cushionair” cushions and positioning products provide optimal solutions for long term seating needs. 

Drive Medical hospital bed mattresses offer basic protection for long term bed needs. Choose from innerspring or high-density foam mattress. The mattress vinyl cover will keep your hospital bed mattress clean and fresh, and protect it from stains, odors, dust and incontinence.

Drive Medical Alternating Pressure mattress replacement systems and Alternating Pressure Pad systems are designed to aid in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers (also called bed sores) by alternately inflating and deflating air cells in the mattress replacement or electric bed pad in a regular pattern. This offers pressure relief and improved air circulation; allowing air to reach the skin and preventing sweat build up. Low Air Loss mattress systems prevent and treat pressure ulcers by maintaining an aerated, dry sleeping surface which in turn prevents skin moisture build up between the body and mattress. Alternating Pressure and Gel Mattress overlays are a less costly alternative which attach to an existing hospital style bed mattress. Mattress systems are a complete mattress replacement system that replaces the standard innerspring or foam hospital style bed mattresses.


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